November 10, 2009

landing london

august 9-23, 2009
the office sent me abroad for the 3rd time and this time, i was sent, together w/ 2 of my colleagues, to two countries in the UK, England & Wales. in fact, we only learned later, through our british boss, that we actually hopped from one country to another hehe.
we flew etihad to abu dhabi for 8 hours then abu dhabi to london for about 14-more exhausting hours.
my etihad breakfast; not bad, even on coach, there's tv for each passengers which contained dozens of new movies, tv series & music
arriving at abu dhabi, wondering how the weather was outside
ofcourse i looked for the first smoking room i can find. that's their smoking room poster, it was accurately a smokeless-smoking room i tell 'ya!. abu dhabi's airport terminal was impressive, internet as well was efficiently fast & available in every corner, we facebook-ed while we waited for our connecting flight to london *:)

my mother's uncle, uncle franco, greeted us at the heathrow airport; mama mia theater poster at the background.
we had lunch at a restaurant inside the airport. take a look at these fabulous desserts, yummy!....but expensive (when converted to peso that is)!

at the avis terminal near the airport to pick up our prepaid rental car; right-hand driving through london
above were my chaperones ahehe, cyril and vince (w/ cap)
our UK offices are located in cardiff, wales. including our miscalculated routes, road mishaps etc, it took us a total of 6 hours to get to land of the welsh. next, post, Wales!

September 4, 2009

baby shower

july 25, 2009
makati prime towers
friends & workmates threw a surprise baby shower for abcd. abcd's been one of my staffs since the last office team reshuffle. everybody chipped in for the food & drinks & shiela, abcd's buddy in my team, bought tokens for the baby shower game prizes.
and just recently, another colleague is pregnant yay! another baby & baby shower in the making! goodluck in motherhood abcd & khaye! it's fairly easy, after giving birth that is *:)

shake's 1st birthday

july 17, 2009
kumareng irish threw her second child an extravagant birthday party at the pandan restaurant in tandang sora. there were too many freebies that the standard one-lootbag-per-kid easily became one-big-loot-box-per-kid hehehe.
there were the jimini pizza & thumbs up food carts which earlier in the program were subsidizing by only serving those who had stubs (irish gave 1 stub per cart per child). later after the main course, each cart had a hard time emptying their carts for most were already full from the food served buffet-style.
aside from the limitless food & give-aways, there were also face tattoos, glitter tattoos, hair spray & hair fix which my daughter, nieces & us adults equally got a hang of.
the parents & shake; my unica hija after her face paint session
happy birthday song; w/ shake
rayna & sway (irish' 1st daughter); sam, jared & ian
my mom


August 2, 2009

the best things in life are free

in lieu of my company's budget cuts, our boss had raffled off a number of nifty rewards per team. my team got the shangrila gc which i already posted here & i for myself who i reiterate is one lucky b@stard!hehehe, got a complimentary overnight stay at the crowne plaza hotel for two yeba!!!
i brought my family, ofcourse.
a room w/ a view

lunch at nearby burgoo robinsons galleria

in the room before going to the hotel's pool

the hotel's pool for ourselves

bath tubbing

my little schoolgirl

my 3yo started nursery last june in the school adjacent to our house. we needed a steady learning venue for our child as both us parents work & consume most of the hours our daughter is awake in the office or on the road. there have been days when she's too lazy to get up & go to school & hyper days (thanks to dora on most days hehe), when she's too fired up to start class.
here's my li'l school girl on her first day of school.

too bad parents are not allowed to peek & observe our children through class. my daughter would just come home w/ her hands stamped w/ stars which i presume meant she's doing wonderful in school. we're looking forward to transfer her to a 'real' school for the kindergarten level. two of my chief requirements are, that it needs to be a catholic school where a church is nearby & that travel time is at a minimum. our best option for now is the holy spirit school in BF which i've heard promising feedback from a friend who enrolled her daughters there.